Crypto 101


                              will begin as a Cryptocurrency Portal.
Initially there will be various aspects to the site. Coin Street will offer live pricing of most listed Cryptocurrencies.We will also have a Crypto Education section on the site designed to provide those who do not yet have a full understanding of the workings of Crypto trading with the background necessary to delve into Crypto without the fear of the unknown. This section will include a glossary of “crypto terms”, instructions on how to open a crypto wallet and what type of wallet is right for any person individually.


                             to educating the public on the workings of the Cryptocurrency sector, we will provide an education section dedicated to Buyer Beware warnings of crypto scams that unfortunately, do exist. Hopefully, this will prevent investors from falling into the wrong hands when dealing in crypto…and with any luck, will assist in removing “scam” from most of the Crypto trading business.

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