Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

coin street rolling forward

Our initial stock offering is now live. Please contact us for further information.

We are looking to raise $10M to have the capital necessary to build out the first few phases of our site.

the company intends to develop our site in the following order

  1. Crypto Informational Portal (already done, but always expanding). This portion of the site will offer price quotes of most listed cryptocurrencies. As well, we offer extensive crypto education. Our educational aspect will be useful for Crypto beginners and experts alike.

  2. Coin Street – Wallet: This will be the first development of the company beyond the existing site. Through CS-Wallet you will be able to open a Defi Wallet (Hot Wallet). This will be a wallet that can be used to house an extensive number of different cryptocurrencies and will furthermore be able to store NFTs. Your CS-Wallet can be used with our Defi Exchange (to be developed in the coming months) or any other exchange, NFT marketplace, or any dApp.

  3. Coin Street—NFT Marketplace: This will be our NFT marketplace that will offer the ability to buy, sell, or mint NFTs.

  4. Coin Street – Defi Exchange: This will be the cornerstone of Coin Street. Here we will offer the ability to buy, sell, swap any cryptocurrency via a Defi Wallet held either through Coin Street—Wallet or any other dApp Wallet service.

  5. Coin Street – Cefi Exchange: This will be the final stage of Coin Street’s development. This will be a Centralized Exchange that will offer the public the ability to open a Crypto account and then buy or sell any Cryptocurrency. Of course, as a Centralized Exchange, there will be various KYC and AML necessities in order to open an account. Accounts opened through our Cefi Exchange will be wallets held by Coin Street on behalf of our clients. This will provide a simple way for beginners to trade in Crypto, but does not offer the anonymity of the Defi Exchange/Wallet.

For more information on the investment opportunities we are offering, please contact us at

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