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The purpose of creating Coin Street is to provide crypto investors, both old and new, a one-stop shop to buy, sell, trade, and develop Cryptocurrencies.

Through our website you will be able to obtain a quote on any Cryptocurrency, information and news on the Crypto Industry.

We provide an extensive educational service for beginners and experts alike. This aspect of our site will provide all the information necessary to learn and keep up to date on developments in the industry.

This will be the first active development of the company. Our dApp will enable people to open Defi wallets that can be used on our Defi Exchange (once developed) or attached to any other Defi exchanges, NFT marketplaces, Etc.


This will be developed for the purpose of buying, selling, trading and minting of NFTs. We expect this to be open for operation in the coming months.

This will be our Defi exchange that will enable clients to swap, buy, sell any cryptocurrency. This will enable our clients to trade cryptocurrencies through their existing Defi Wallets anonymously. Ideally, a Defi wallet opened through Coin Street-Wallet will be easiest to facilitate trading through this exchange.

This will be our Centralized exchange that will enable clients to buy or sell any cryptocurrency. Accounts in this division will be regulated and taxable. We will require proper ID and KYC information in order to open an account. Under the centralized exchange, we will hold the wallet for you. This will be a simple way for beginners to trade cryptocurrencies.

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